Betting Offers: The Best Online Casino Bonus Betting Promotions

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Matched betting: The best no risk online strategy

Matched betting is proving to be one of the best ways to make money online and is actually catching on with a lot of students, who are able to tumble straight out of university and pocket thousands of pounds in the several months that match betting is available to them. Unfortunately, after these months it might be difficult to continue the procedure, as the vast majority of bookmakers will only provide you with a free bet through your initial registration.

To prove the effectiveness of matched betting, a simple example will be highlighted. Admittedly, the success rate of this may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker - as some have inserted certain criteria that aim to make it as hard as possible for you to make that desired guaranteed profit. However, on the most part, it is very possible to adopt this no-risk strategy.
The example focusses around a simple £10 match bonus offer, where you will receive a free £10 bet by simply making your first bet with the bookmaker. To record your guaranteed profit, the following steps should be taken:

1.    Once you have registered, make sure you place your bet on a sport that only has two outcomes (with both outcomes having roughly the same odds). After placing your £10 bet on one outcome, proceed and place £10 on the opposite result occurring.

2.    Once the bet has been settled, and you are more or less even, your account will be rewarded with a free bet.

3.    Proceed to place this free bet on one outcome, before putting another £10 on the other. This means that whatever outcome occurs, you will have a guaranteed profit to show for your actions.

Of course, anyone with any sort of knowledge of the gambling industry will know the remoteness of a situation like the one mentioned occurring. The chances of the players being so evenly matched in terms of their odds is quite slim, while you must make sure you place your bet with a bookmaker that has quite relaxed rules with their betting bonuses. However, the idea of matched bonus should have at least been demonstrated and you should be starting to understand the possibilities involved in such a bonus bet. Most people will place their matched bets with different bookmakers and if you can put together such advanced formulas for betting promotions, your profit margins are going to increase as well.

Using casino or betting promotions to get an edge on bookmakers

One of the famous sayings in the gambling industry has always been "you'll never meet a poor bookie". While this does appear to be correct (after all, how many bookmakers have gone bankrupt over recent history?), there are at least ways to foil the bookies and give you that extra edge in making a profit.

Such methods mainly focus around betting promotions. Generally, these only target the online casinos Online casino real money Canada and while some high-street stores may decide to run the odd promotion from time to time, they really are few and far between. Instead, a lot of bookmakers are putting more emphasis on betting promotions on their website, with the aim of converting as many customers as possible with online sports betting offers.

It is difficult to explain betting promotions in detail, as they fall in so many different varieties depending on the bookie. For example, some will offer a no-deposit bonus, which means you'll be given a small amount of credit just for hitting the sign up button. It has to be said that such offers are rare, although there is at least one major bookmaker offering such a service and it can be a decent way to get your betting bonus career started.

Generally, the offers are match bonuses. This means that any deposit you make will be matched 100% by the bookmaker, although this is by no means free money and you must generally bet through the credit before being allowed to withdraw it. It’s on this type of promotion where serious money can be made, as bookies can hand out hundreds of pounds in free bets. Therefore, if you can keep your early bets as risk-free as possible, by still meeting the minimum odds criteria, you have the chance of withdrawing all of the credit in your account once you have bet through your money. This is proving an easy way to double money – although make sure you only take bet offers in which you hold confidence in.

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